Lightning Safety Protocol


  • A single strike of lightning can generate from 100,000,000 to 1,000,000,000 volts of electricity.
  • Lightning is the #2 storm killer in the U.S., second only to
  • floods.
  • The top places for people to get killed by lightning are:
  • Ball fields
  • Golf courses
  • Open water activities (swimming, boating, fishing, etc.)
  • Open vehicles
  • Tractors without cabs
  • Under trees (or other tall isolated object)
  • Lightning can strike ground 10 – 12 miles from the parent storm.
  • It is perfectly safe to touch a lightning victim to give rescue/first aid measures.
  • Only about 10% of those struck by lightning are killed, others are seriously injured.


We follow the 30-30 rule.

The ‘30-30 rule’ offers the best lightning safety guidance for the general public. When you see lightning, count the time until you hear thunder. If that is 30 seconds or less, the thunderstorm is close enough to be dangerous.

  • All outdoor activities stop
  • Seek shelter immediately. Acceptable types of shelter or protection:
  • Inside of a building (do not touch the metal inside of a building).
  • Inside of a fully enclosed vehicle (hard-topped car, bus, van, truck, etc., with
  • windows rolled up).
  • The lowest point on the ground (a ditch).
  • Curl up into the lightning-safe position with only your feet touching the ground (last resort).

Individuals who feel their hair stand on end or skin tingle or hear crackling noises, should assume the lightning-safe position (crouch on the ground, weight on the balls of your feet, feet close together, head down, ears covered). Wait 30 minutes or more after the lightning flash before leaving shelter and resuming the activity.

During a lightning storm Do Not: Use the telephone or hand held radios – including cell phones

  • Touch pipes or other metal objects
  • Lay flat on the ground
  • Get under solitary objects
  • Remain in a close group if caught in the open – spread out and assume the lightning-safe position
  • Take it lightly – it could save your life.