The goal of the Health & Wellness program is to:

  • Evaluate members to compile a more complete medical history and information
  • Development of physical training protocols for Injury Prevention
  • On-site care for members as needed
  • Communication with Impulse staff on research, articles, concerns and information
  • Development of a written Physical Training protocol / process and research applying to all sections

Just some simple guidelines

The following guidelines have been developed in order for you to have a healthy, happy and safe summer. Read them carefully. Remember, if you get sick due to not taking care of yourself you will be hurting the corps as well as yourself. While some sickness is unavoidable, much unnecessary sickness is – if you follow these guidelines.

  • Daily: bathe/shower, use deodorant, brush teeth
  • Wash hands with soap and water after using the restroom and always before eating.
  •  It is recommended that you provide a small  1/2 gallon  beverage cooler for your personal use only on official water break.
  • Use sunscreen as needed and often enough to be effective.
  • Wear light weight, loose, well ventilated, light colored cotton shirts/blouses to protect from sun. This is imperative if you are already burned.
  • Wear something on your head to protect your head, face, neck and lips from the sun. This can be a hat with a bill, bandana, t-shirt, towel or wet washcloth.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times – no bare feet outside of the building or off the bus.
  • Sleep when you have the opportunity. Take advantage of bus time and breaks.
  • Eat wisely: several light meals, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Increase your fluids, especially water. Avoid excessive sugar and junk foods. Thank the cooks daily for the good care they provide.
  • If you have any type of chronic condition, e.g. joint or muscle injury or weakness, discuss your participation in this activity with your doctor. Ask your doctor to write out the regimen you should follow – medications, wraps, braces, hot/cold packs, etc. Bring your own braces, wraps, etc.
  • If you have an allergy to bee stings or to other things you may not be able to avoid, contact your doctor for a kit to be used in case of an allergic reaction. Learn to use the items in the kit.
  • Get a little sun as soon as the weather permits. Don’t wait until the first warm camp weekend to expose your skin. Try to tan gradually.
  • Drum corps is a physical activity. Workout between camps. The more physically fit you are, the less likely you are to get injured.
  • Skin surfaces which rub against other skin surfaces often create chafing. A medicated body powder or corn starch is a useful item for you to pack.
  • You should be urinating at least 3-4 times each 24-hour period. If you are not, possibly you are not taking in enough fluids. Urinary infections often develop at this time.
  • Be smart when you are away from the corps as well. Don’t do things that jeopardize your body and health.
  • First aid kits are located on each bus, if you have the need for headache or cold remedies, bandages, stomach aches, bug bites, laxatives, ice packs, feminine products, etc.