We’re on a Mission… A Mission of the Zot!

We need to raise $60,000

Impulse needs your help raising funds to replace our beloved equipment trailer.

We are a non profit musical ensemble based in Huntington Beach, California that consists of young adults between the ages of 15 and 21. Impulse travels 3000-8,000 miles each summer performing and competing in the Drum Corps International circuit.  After 21 years of serving thousands of Impulse members – our equipment trailer has reached the end of its useful life.

Our three year plan originally called for replacement after the 2019 season, but during the season it was deemed not road worthy. Due to the age of the trailer plus the cost to retro-fitting for 2021, it was decided to retire her to storage only. However, the current weather has wreaked havoc on our trailer and risks damage to our uniforms and equipment if we do not take immediate action to replace the trailer. We have a chance to pick up a fully loaded 53 ft. 2 years used equipment trailer.

Support the ZOT!

This is where we could use your help. Impulse thrives on many small donations.
With a donation of even just $5, $10, $50, or more, you can help us secure and Wrap this new trailer!
Every small donation does matter and is appreciated!
For a donation of $101 or more, we will place your name on the exterior of the truck as a supporter!

Zot Trailer 2021$50$60,000

$5ZOT! VIP FAN Window sticker

$10ZOT! VIP FRIEND Window sticker & Lapel Pin (?)

$50ZOT! VIP FAMILY Window sticker & Lapel Pin (?), Name listed on website

$100ZOT! VIP WHITE (25% Off all Zot Events), Window sticker & Lapel Pin (?),
Name listed on Trailer / Website(1year), plus 1 Special Zot Support BB Cap

$500ZOT! VIP BLACK (25% Off all Zot Events), Window sticker & Lapel Pin (?),
Name on Trailer / Website(1year), 2 Ticket to SoCal Classic, plus 2 Special Zot Support BB Cap

$1000ZOT! VIP YELLOW (25% Off all Zot Events), Window sticker & Lapel Pin (?),
Company logo on Trailer / Website (1year), 2 Ticket to SoCal Classic, plus 2 Special Zot Support BB Cap

$5000 & upZOT! VIP GOLD (50% Off all Zot Events), Window sticker & Lapel Pin (?),
Company logo on Trailer / Website (1year), 4 Ticket to SoCal Classic, plus 4 Special Zot Support BB Cap & Personal Performance by Impulse

20+ Years of Impulse

The Impulse Youth Arts Organization (IYAO) was established in the winter of 1998. The founders of IYAO were dedicated alumni from several local Southern California groups who wanted to bring fun and competitive productions that were designed with the audience in mind. IYAO is proud to contribute to the rapidly growing world of pageantry arts for the millions of young performers in the region, and has aided the establishment and growth of several competitive arts organizations in Southern California. Impulse Drum and Bugle Corps is proud to be the Division III Champion from 2006 with their production, “Me, Myself, and I.”

The 20 years success of the Impulse Drum Corps program has consistently been supported by the IYAO . They provides the financial and volunteer support the corps requires to function. Currently our program receives over 30% of its annual budget, nearly $50,000 annually, that money is raised throughout the year by IYAO. through various fundraisers in the community. The annual budget only covers current needs and cannot account for new equipment purchases. It is only when the organization exceeds it’s fundraising goals that it can offer to purchase items off our growing wish list. And for the past five years, the top two items on Impulse wish list have been a semi-trailer & brass instruments.

Corporate Advertising

This is a great opportunity to make a huge difference for the many members and alumni that still call Impulse home, and a major part of the continued success of our corps!

Impulse Youth Arts Organization (IYAO) is selling advertising space on our equipment trailers to local businesses and corporate sponsors.  Your business info or corporate logo can be seen all across the state of California and throughout Western United States in our 53 ft trailer, as a thank you for supporting our organization! 

The cost to advertise with IYAO is extremely affordable, and for just $1000 or more per year, your 1′ X 2′ logo will be displayed on the side of our trailers for the entire year – a total of 8 square feet of space!  Our trailers travel from Huntington Beach and all points in between throughout the year.

Space is available and if you sign up early, you can have some input on the placement of your ad for maximum effectiveness!

Contact our Fundraising Chairperson for more information and availability: impulse@impulseyoutharts.org

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much will this cost?

A: We are currently budgeting $60,000 to cover the costs of purchasing and wrapping the semi-trailer. Ongoing costs associated with owning the vehicles is being finalized. We anticipate using some of the savings we will see by not renting as many box trucks to offset the costs of ownership. Overall fuel costs should also be less because we will use fewer vehicles. Additional costs are possible and we will budget for them accordingly as we finalize the details.

Q: Why do we need a new semi-trailer?

A: The trailer is used all year long and is the most versatile way to move equipment during season. We use it for storage and move equipment and props to each and every rehearsal, camps competition .The semi-trailer will replace 2-3 box trucks that we currently rent during the season. It will be most useful when we are moving the full corps, its instruments, and its equipment together in one trailer.

Q: Do the trucks outweigh the other needs that we raise funds for?

A: Absolutely not. IYAO raises funds to support the general fund of the corps and our funds represent over 30% of the total operating expense of the corps. The additional fundraising we do throughout the year covers critical things like staff salaries and various equipment costs. This is a separate fundraiser to pay for a wishlist’s item. It will not change the priority of what is currently in our budget.

Q: My company matches my charitable contributions, can I have them match my donation?

A: YES of course. You should submit your donation through your company’s matching program. All we ask is that you do so as soon as possible as they usually take several months to get processed. Also, please fill out a cash or check payment donation pledge by selecting a donation level so we know that you have submitted your donation. Just be sure to mention it in the additional comments field.

Impulse Youth Arts Organization – A Non-Profit 501(c)3 Organization. # 91-1998733