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The following are some of the areas where we can use your help. Remember, this experience is for everyone (not just the members!), and this is your chance to be a part of this very special family.

Health / Medical

Nurse, Doctor, EMT, & Physical Trainer

Will ensure professional-quality health care for all students, faculty, and volunteers through injury prevention and education, assessment, evaluation, and treatment. In addition to serving as a health resource, the Asst. will act according to the guidance of the Lead ATC and will serve as a guide to the student.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in a related field, Board Certification earned before May 17, 2021


Journalism, Photography, Media, and Social Media

Will assist in the creation of photographic, video & content for use in the promotion of the corps throughout the summer tour. This person will assist the marketing specialist in the development of the corps brand, event promotion, and social media presence.

Sewing & Costume / Uniforms

Sewing , Repairing, & Modifying

Will ensure that all performance apparel is kept clean, organized and maintained over the course of the tour, including repairs and alterations. Some sewing experience is required.

Equipment & Set Prop Manager

The Equipment Manager will manage the inventory and condition of the musical instruments, help facilitate repairs when needed, and assure instruments are transported securely and safely. In addition, work on the creation and maintenance of simple props and sets used in the show. The Equipment Manager will help facilitate and monitor the safe and proper loading of both the equipment and prop truck and will assist in the transportation of equipment and props to the performance area for rehearsals and shows. The candidate must have good problem-solving skills, basic carpentry knowledge, and be able to physically move and manipulate large equipment and set props.

Transportation Support

Box Truck & Light Vehicle Drivers

Non-CDL Drivers: Candidates for non-CDL driving positions must be comfortable driving a large SUV,van or Box Truck, and have experience towing a trailer, and have the physical capability and knowledge to hitch a trailer. Drivers are required to drive overnight and sleep during the day. Candidates must be at least 23 years of age and possess a clean driving record.

CDL Driver: Candidates for CDL driving positions must have a valid Class A Driver’s License with a minimum of 2 years experience driving a tractor trailer, be at least 23 years of age, possess a clean driving record, pass a DOT drug test, and be subject to a background check. Drivers are required to drive overnight and sleep during the day and be comfortable driving within a team environment as well as driving into unfamiliar destinations. The drivers will be required to park and maneuver in stadium and tight parking lot situations. Candidates will be compensated and must commit to a minimum of 12 Days of driving.

Food Operations Manager

The Food Operations Manager will be responsible for the day to day operations of the food truck. This position will work closely with our volunteers to provide nutritious meals in a timely manner for our students and staff. Responsibilities include volunteer management, adherence to food safety procedures, coordination with volunteer relations coordinator on ordering and inventory. Attention to detail, flexibility and excellent communication skills are a must. Knowledge of the activity, tour experience and ability to work with a variety of personalities is preferred.


Preparation & Distribution Meals

We are always looking for people to come along and help prepare, serve, and clean up. Little to no experience is required, and you will work alongside a team of other volunteers

Fleet Maintenance

Trailer Repair

Trailer Repair

 Interior & Exterior Trailer

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