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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring to the audition?
An audition is similar to a rehearsal day, so bring anything you would normally take to a day of band. This includes athletic clothes, comfortable shoes, a water jug, hat, and a positive attitude! Brass auditionees are encouraged to bring their own mouthpiece and instrument if possible, and battery auditionees are encouraged to bring sticks and a practice pad.

What will happen during the audition? 
The audition takes place over the course of the day, with staff members taking both skill and effort into consideration. All auditionees can expect a 10-15 minute individual audition with his/her respective caption head or staff. 

What is the average age of people who audition? 
Members typically range from 14-21. 

What if I play a woodwind instrument?
Woodwind players are encouraged to audition! Staff members will assist new players who already have a fundamental understanding of music literacy and marching.

I’m not sure if I’m good enough to make the line. Should I still audition?
Absolutely. Auditionees will be receiving feedback throughout the day from our knowledgable staff. In the event that you are not contracted on your first choice instrument, your caption head may recommend you for another instrument/section of the drum corps. 

I’m currently marching with a WGI Independent group. Can I still audition?
Yes. Our rehearsal dates are scheduled with WGI activities in mind! Inform your caption head via e-mail or at the audition and we’ll work with you to resolve any future schedule conflicts.

Do you accept video auditions?
Yes. For more information about what is required in your video audition, email your caption head. Video auditions are for auditionees with extenuating circumstances (such as being out of state) and preference will be given to those present on both audition days.

Do I need to go to both audition days?
Yes. While some exceptions may be made for auditionees who communicate their circumstance in advance, preference will be given to those who are present on both days.