PB & J


PB&J tables are a drum corps staple during the season, it’s a quick meal, a snack, dessert, and a feel good food.

Why not remember one of the favorite things at meal time on tour, the PB&J sandwich. So let’s help your favorite corps member by making a donation to their virtual PB&J Table, let’s help them kickstart their 2021 season. Each donation is a virtual item so let’s gather around the table and make a PB&J sandwich or Two, get your corps a loaf of bread, add Nutella.

Our members work hard and work long hours, with little comment or complaint. They are some of the strongest and most dedicated young people in America. When we can, we like to reward them for all of their efforts in a way that will create memories help them build bonds with each other. What better way than PB&J!

This is one of our primary fundraisers and help from people I know and the business community in which I live will assist us in raising my tour fees.

Each member attend school full-time and with all of these activities, including Impulse rehearsals, they have managed to keep up with all of my schoolwork and chores at home.

Your generous donation will help their personal (out of pocket) participation fee of $800.

This is one of many fundraising opportunity for our participate to reach out to people they know and the business community in which they live to assist them.

Thank you for giving us this extra opportunity to thank them for everything they do!


Impulse is a highly competitive non-profit musical combines Brass, Percussion and Dance under the professional guidance of a dedicated staff. This Instruction develops and expands the musical, dancing and marching skills to the highest level possible, while placing a great musical ensemble on the field to entertain the crowd.

Pick a item: Each item is a donation 

  • ½ PB&J Sandwich – $5

  • PB&J Sandwich – $10

  • Loaf of Bread – $25

  • Loaf of Wonder Bread – $50

  • Smooth Peanut Butter – $100

  • Crunchy Peanut Butter – $150

  • Strawberry Jam – $200

  • Grape Jelly – S250

  • Nutella – $500