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Impulse Indoor Percussion

Virtual Audition & Performance Experience

We invite highly motivated individuals who is interested in becoming a part of the Impulse Indoor Percussion virtual audition!

Impulse Open House Audition 2022

Audition In-Person

We invite highly motivated individuals interested in joining the Impulse Indoor Percussion activity to come out and audition!  

NEXT AUDITION DAY:  OCTOBER 9th (9am – 5pm) at Washington Prep HS in LA.  Contact for more details!

Questions & Answers

Please visit the FAQ for additional questions and answers.

Competition Information



SCPA Arcadia 2/4/2023
SCPA Monrovia 3/5/2023
SCPA Championship Prelims 4/8/2023
SCPA Championship Finals 4/15/2023



WGI San Bernardino Prelims 3/25/23
WGI San Bernardino Finals 3/26/23

Dayton, Ohio


WGI Championship Prelims 4/21/2023
WGI Championship Semifinals 4/22/2023
WGI Championship Finals 4/23/2023

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