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The Impulse Xperience 2022
(COVID-19 Safety Protocol are in place)

Casting Call Dates: JANUARY 15 -16, 2022

Site X Location:  Information Coming Soon

Casting Size: 52 – 82 Performers

Our Program Participation Fee 2022: TBD

Please Note:  All Dates Remain Tentative our schedule for 2022 may be modified or stopped based on the status of pandemic restrictions.

Video Auditions: Download  Information Here

Athletic Clothes:You may get strange looks from the vets if you show up and try to do your weekend camp in jeans, cargo shorts, or cargo pants. Athletic shorts or pants are a must.
Athletic shoes: No one needs to be marching in Converse, Sperry’s, etc. Rule of thumb: If you wouldn’t go running in them, don’t wear them.

Brass: We highly suggest that you bring your own mouthpiece, & Cotton gloves (white, no grip) if you are a brass player, unless told specifically otherwise. The finish on the horns lasts longer when you don’t get your bare hands on it. That’s why we all wear gloves.
Guard: needs to wear something flexible enough to dance in.
Percussion: Bring sticks & pads.

Come Prepared. Don’t decide as a last minute thing and have a terrible audition. Get your music/work/dance prepared.

We invite any highly motivated individuals who is interested in becoming a part of the drum and bugle corps activity to come out and audition!

We base our membership acceptance on work ethic, character, and ability level.

We will be auditioning for performing positions in the brass section, color guard, and percussion section, and drum major.

Performance Schedule:

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