Impulse Xperience
a performance educational boot-camp in 2021 for 2022

Are you missing the music, the dancing, the twirling, the joy, the commitment, the performing and the Standing O’s. 

Casting Call for Brass, Guard, Percussion or Conductor, whose talent leaves people transformed and inspired, we are looking for you. 

We’re escalating to the next level with Impulse Xperience.

Looking for those individuals that love the theater, dance, jugglers, baton twirlers, Lion Tamer (the last 3 not really) or just a clown at heart. Are you the next generation of performers in the world of field performance theater?

We strive to take your talent and passion for music and entertainment and create memorable experiences. We are looking for those with a love of performance and a drive to create personal growth and excitement to share their love of entertaining!


Sunday May 30th

1PM - 6PM Crean Lutheran HS Irvine, CA

The Impulse Xperience Schedule Outlook for 2021
(COVID-19 Safety Protocol are in place)

Casting Call Dates: Sunday May 30th

Site X Location: Crean Lutheran HS, Irvine, CA

Casting Size: 20-52 Performers

Performance Training : Preseason Training (May 16  – August 7)
During this time, we plan to coordinate our performance and prepare the other material to fill out a 20-45 minute set.

Local Performances: (July 4 – August 7)
4th of July Parade, Field Performance (if permitted), Beach Side or Amphitheater concerts, Corporate Events, Parades (if permitted) and live streaming performances in Southern California.

Please Note: All Dates Remain Tentative our schedule for 2021 may be modified or stopped based on the status of pandemic restrictions.

 Our Program Participation  Fee  2021:  $800

This is the maximum we expect to charge based on our current budget scenario. This amount could be reduced over the next several months based on changes to the number of days on tour, location of our Training facility, whether there is a DCI season, etc.

You should plan for other expenses, as well, including housing, tour supplies, other supplies (brass mouthpieces, costume undergarments, shoes), etc.

Within seven days of acceptance, a nonrefundable deposit of $300 will be required to secure your spot. We plan to be flexible and will make every effort to work with performers and families. Stay tuned for payment plans and other detail.