2021 January Impulse Newsletter

Message from Board President

Hello my fellow supporters of Impulse, 
Throughout history, great challenges have been met with great creativity and important breakthroughs I am proud to share that IYAO is now part of that ground breaking history. Right now, our world is battling a virus that is affecting the daily lives of billions of people. Everyone here at Impulse Youth Arts Organization (IYAO) want to thank the dedicated people everywhere, especially our healthcare workers who have made tremendous sacrifices to take care of those in need. This battle has effected the core operations of IYAO and interrupted our cashflow cycle. Yet despite those challenges we as leaders have come together for a common goal: to keep Impulse alive. Where other corps are on the brink of collapse and folding, IYAO is in some of the strongest positions
Increased Engagement of Alumni
For the first time in our drum & bugle corps history we have more alumni members and staff of the board then non-alumni members. This is a pivotal moment as the corps is searching for it’s inner zot and spirit in the marching sports. 
Strong Reserves
In addition to fundraisers like happy hours, t-shirt sales, and donation drive we have received several significant large donations from our alumni that are keeping us current with our monthly obligations. 
New Divisions
The 2020 fiscal year is an exciting year as we did a trial run for 2 new divisions: Instinct Winter Drumline and Impulse Institute (online training). This allows Impulse Youth Arts to widen its contribution to music education and marching arts. Furthermore, it potentially offers the possibility to transition from a seasonal drum & bugle corps to a year round business. 
Focus on Alumni
Ever since coming into office, the board and volunteers have taken a special interest in engaging our large alumni base. The Zoom watch parties, Brewpulse, and other events have greatly helped.


Byron Baba Jr

Message from Corps Director

Hey Impulse Family!!!

This is Alumni, Cook, Crazy leader Aaron Zeilinger. I hope all of you have been okay, safe and sound during these tumultuous times. I wanted to let all of you know that the Board of Directors and I have been very hard at work making sure Impulse is going to weather Covid and come through it. We still could use all of your help though. We need the following things
1. Alumni to get involved as volunteers
2. Alumni with more time, and a passion with a particular talent come join the Board of Directors to help us create new ways to thrive.
3. Alumni to share the message of our Watch Parties, Fundraisers and our new Impulse Institute.

On that note, Impulse has launched an online educational opportunity called the Impulse Institute. Think of it as College, where you get to choose any class you want with no prerequisite, taught by a highly qualified individual and group teachers for a monthly price. One month you could take a lesson on Clarinet, next month on Ensemble Conducting, next month on Trombone and the next month on Mallet Instrument Techniques. All items are delivered through a streamlined Google Classroom experience!!!!

So help us help our Corps and jump in. The family needs you.

Aaron Zeilinger

2006 Tour memories from Martha Baba

Impulse Drum & Bugle Corps has been hosting watch parties on Facebook Live during this pandemia. On Saturday, July 18, 2020 I was invited to make a brief appearance. The invitation inspired me to write just a few of the memories from 2006, which is the year Impulse Drum & Bugle Corps won the Championship in Division III in Madison, Wisconsin.

My husband and I have been volunteering for Impulse since 1999 when the corps was first started. There are a lot of memories  but I will stick to 2006.  My husband and I took over the Souvie booth selling Impulse merchandise back in 2000.  While my kids in the corps were doing what they were supposed to do, we had our own things to do in the suvey booth.

My husband and I flew to Chicago picked up a rental car and drove to Madison, WI.  The corps was already in the housing site in Rio, Wisconsin.  Rio was thirty minutes away from downtown.  We set up the booth outside the Camp Randall Stadium.

We were anxious to see the corps so we took a drive to Rio.  It was a nice drive filled with corn fields as far as your eyes could see.  Once we made it to the school I went across the street to the vegetable stand I had seen right before arriving to the school.  I wanted to buy 80 ears of corn for everyone in the corps but the price was too high.  I ended up buying other vegetables to give to the kitchen staff.   While talking to the nice lady at the stand and explaining we were visiting from California and that the corps was competing at the University of Wisconsin stadium.  The lady suddenly started counting corn putting the freshly picked corn in crates.  I could not believe it.  My heart was filled with joy.  The lady was donating 80 ears of corn and she offered to drive me back to the school.  The ladies in the kitchen were surprised that I had someone donate the corn. Next day her husband came back with more corn.

On Championships day for Division II-III,  I was inside the stadium and my husband was outside minding the booth.  Impulse had a great performance!  I felt the corps had done a wonderful job as they nailed every solo, they sounded great and the guard was on fire.  I patiently waited to hear the scores.  When they announced that Impulse was in first place I jumped out of my seat and could not wait to tell my husband.  I headed out and I ran as fast as I could feeling so excited for the kids in the corps that had worked so, so hard.  Our staff was incredible that year and they all deserved it.  All their hard work had finally paid off. The tour of 2006 is one of the most memorable years in our time with Impulse Drum & Bugle Corps.

Watch Parties

During these times of COVID we were all stuck at home and a 2020 marching season was not possible. Impulse decided to host Watch Parties on Saturdays in which we showed every show from 1999-2019 and had past members to talk about those years. These watch parties were a great success and brought back alumni to the corps. It was a great time of telling stories and reminisce while watching our shows. While our watch parties of our show  ended we do have things planned for the future so please stay tune.

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